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Erika Flint Awarded Hypnosis Instructor of the Year 2021

by Cascade Hypnosis on

Erika Flint Awarded Hypnosis Instructor of the Year 2021!

Congratulations to Erika Flint for winning Hypnosis Instructor of Year for 2021! This is an award that was presented by Cal Banyan of Banyan Hypnosis, to outstanding hypnosis instructors who go above and beyond with exceptional results. Erika not only offers a top tier and heart-centered training program, but also creates a supportive community that continues to inspire and encourage students of the past, present, and future.

Erika began training in 2014 from a small office, and now teaches both online and in-person courses from the Cascade Hypnosis Center & Classroom in Bellingham, Washington. Cascade Hypnosis Center has grown to include four hypnotists, three employees, and a slew of other amazing professionals that have helped with projects big and small since the beginning. With all of that support and growth, Cascade Hypnosis Center has been able to offer not only hypnosis and hypnosis training, but a continuing hypnosis apprenticeship, community classes, podcasts, dance parties, and so much more!

While Cascade Hypnosis Center has always offered online hypnosis sessions, 2020 and 2021 gave us the opportunity to expand our training to be online and available for people all over the world. From Bellingham WA, to Tokyo Japan, to Copenhagen Denmark, all were unique professionals that shared a dream to enrich their communities with mental wellness and support. As of September 2021, Erika has trained over 300 hypnotists who have gone on to create successful practices in cities all over the world!


"I think the main reason I chose Cascade Hypnosis is that it is very heart-centered, meaning it is truly client-focused. Helping people truly heal while feeling supported, cared for, and loved is something so powerful and a privilege to be a part of. I also really connected with Erika Flint in the interview process (where we both see if it's a fit). She is authentic and has a passion for what she does and that is really important to me in order to learn." - Jana Sabin Dean, CH

Along with hypnotherapy sessions and training, Erika has also written 4 best selling books: Reprogram Your Weight, Lighter, Can You Be A Hypnotist?, and Academy of Eternity. She co-hosts the popular hypnosis podcast Hypnosis Etc. with Cal Banyan, and regularly visits other podcasters as a guest. And she has a deep passion for music and dancing which is enthusiastically shared wherever she goes.

An employee of Cascade Hypnosis Center comments, "I'm beyond thankful to be a part of the team here. Erika is amazing at seeing everyone's strengths and giving them the opportunities and compassion to pursue those strengths and try new things. Each student, client, and visitor is welcomed with personal connection and leaves with optimistic enthusiasm for the next step. I love coming to work and getting to collaborate with Erika and Tim, while also getting to work on independent and innovative projects. It's the best job ever!" - Ali Simmons, CH

If you would like to start your new heart-centered career in hypnosis with Erika, visit us at to start with our free Hypnosis Master Class "Can You Be a Hypnotist?"