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Gut Directed Hypnotherapy and Supporting Our Second Brain

by Erika Flint on

Have you ever had a "gut feeling" that either saved you from a potentially bad situation, or pushed you towards a positive situation you wouldn't normally attempt?

Or have you ever been so stressed your hunger and digestion stopped working normally?

Perhaps you've had digestive issues for a long time and were told it's probably IBS or GERD, but no matter how you change your diet the symptoms don't seem to go away.

Are you afraid to go on trips or to public spaces where you don't know if there will be an easily accessible and comfortable bathroom?

Each of these scenarios is an example of how the "Gut-brain axis" works inside of us. And the great news is that scientists and researchers have discovered that hypnosis and hypnotherapy is one of the best ways to overcome the negative effects of a gut-brain connection that is not working comfortably. Gut directed hypnotherapy has even been proven to be just as or more effective than changing your diet.

But how does hypnosis make changes to our gut and digestion? First we need to understand the mechanics of the gut-brain connection.

What is the Gut-Brain Connection?

The Gut-brain connection is extremely powerful. Did you know your gut is like a second brain, with 100 million nerve cells and 500 million neurons? These nerve cells are able to communicate all sorts of information directly to our brain. The neurons in your gut and brain are constantly sharing information with each other through your central nervous system (CNS) and vagus nerve, which is responsible for us feeling stressed, relaxed, being able to remember things, and much more. Studies have also confirmed that the gut can communicate with specific areas of the brain such as the hippocampus (short-term and long-term memory), the prefrontal cortex (planning and decision making), and the amygdala (emotional regulation).

This powerful connection is where our "gut feelings" and stress induced digestive issues originate. This amazing connection is also how hypnosis and hypnotherapy is able to bring relief to those that are constantly uncomfortable and worrying about their digestion.

A Two-Way Street

Research has discovered that the gut-brain connection works in both directions. People that are experiencing emotional turbulence can experience digestive issues like IBS, loss of appetite, metabolism problems, and other gut symptoms. People that are having chronic digestive issues can also find themselves feeling anxious or depressed, having memory issues, or struggling to think through situations. Both of these scenarios can create a frustrating cycle of not knowing what's causing the loop of discomfort.

The good news is hypnosis and hypnotherapy has been highlighted as one of the best ways to combat these issues!

How does gut directed hypnotherapy work?

Like most other hypnotherapy goals, we work together with the client to identify the root cause or work through the most uncomfortable feelings. Once the root cause and discomfort is identified, we can then work on soothing the source of the problem.

If someone is really struggling with feeling anxious, then we can help them relieve that anxiety with direct suggestions, age regression, and other hypnotic tools.

If they are feeling physical discomfort often, then we can use hypnosis to help them ease any pain, bloating, or cramps that they are dealing with daily by working with the subconscious to create relief.

These kinds of clients also greatly benefit from having a short recording to listen to daily to further coach their subconscious to attach to the feelings of relaxation and comfort. With the combination of a daily recording, and weekly sessions with a hypnotherapist, people with gut issues have had immense success in alleviating their issue. It's been so successful that many gastroenterologists and doctors are recommending it for their patients with IBS or other gut related issues that don't have an easily identifiable source for their symptoms, or have struggled with other strategies not getting them the results they need.


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