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Cascade Hypnosis Training Launches New Website to Expand Access to Professional and Ethical Hypnosis Education

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BELLINGHAM, WA - Accredited Master Certified Professional Hypnotherapist Instructor Erika Flint is proud to announce the launch of an improved website for hypnosis education. features a number of exciting updates, including a shop where visitors can instantly download hypnosis recordings, a catalog of newly released courses, and a list of live events. This makes it even easier for aspiring hypnotists to access the resources they need to succeed in their field.

The shop offers a wide range of hypnosis recordings for different areas such as weight loss, relaxation, and introspection. The course catalog provides detailed descriptions of classes offered, materials covered, and purchase or enrollment information. And, there are a number of free resources available to aspiring and practicing hypnotists. 


"I'm thrilled to launch this new website and make our resources more easily accessible to those who are interested in learning hypnosis," said Flint. "I believe that hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can help people overcome a wide range of challenges, and I'm excited to share my knowledge and experience with others."

The new website is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple for visitors to find the information they need. 

Visitors can also stay up-to-date on the latest news and events by subscribing to the website's newsletter. The website also offers a section for testimonials where past students share their experiences and the benefits they have gained from the training.

About Cascade Hypnosis Center for Training and Services

In 2013 Erika Flint, BCH, MCPHI, OB established Cascade Hypnosis Center for Training and Services to provide professional, ethical, and local hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions and hypnosis-related education. Through courses, books, training, webinars, and its Living Hypnotically podcast, the center has helped thousands of aspiring hypnotists achieve their professional goals.

About Erika Flint

Erika Flint is an Accredited Master Certified Professional Hypnotherapist Instructor with a passion for helping others to reach their full potential. She is a board-certified hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, a best-selling author, and an Accredited Certified Professional Hypnotherapy Instructor of 5-PATH®.

Before discovering her passion for hypnotherapy, Erika worked in the field of computer programming and problem-solving for over a decade. However, her interest in the human mind led her to pursue a career in hypnotherapy. She trained with Cal Banyan, one of the world's leading hypnotherapy trainers, and became an Accredited Certified Professional Hypnotherapy Instructor of 5-PATH®.

Erika is also an award-winning hypnotist and best-selling author. She has written several books on hypnotherapy, including "Can You Be a Hypnotist? How to Create a Fulfilling and Lucrative Career Helping People with Modern and Professional Hypnosis” and “Reprogram Your Weight: Stop Thinking about Food All the Time, Regain Control of Your Eating, and Lose the Weight Once and for All.” 

Erika's passion for helping others and her approach to hypnotherapy have made her a highly respected figure in the field. She continues to offer training and mentoring to aspiring hypnotherapists, in addition to private sessions.