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Professional Hypnotist Truth #22 - When You're Not In Front Of A Client, Focus On Revenue Generating Tasks - Which Means Getting New Clients

by Cascade Hypnosis on

Content from “Can You Be A Hypnotist?” by Erika Flint

When you’re not in front of a client, focus on revenue generating tasks - which means getting new clients.


Don’t get caught up in non-revenue generating tasks. 

It’s tempting to want to read that new book or redesign the website. Yet if you haven’t met your monthly sales goals, your primary task needs to be talking to clients. Your initial goal as a new hypnotist is to create a consistent stream of new clients with an awareness strategy that works month over month. 

These other tasks are important, yet they’re supportive. They are not primary. Focus on the primary tasks first. Primary tasks include scheduling complimentary consultations, direct outreach to potential clients, answering the phone, signing up new clients, and making offers online in video, or sending emails with offers. 

Anytime a professional hypnotist is not working with clients, the next task they should be focusing on is bringing in   new clients. And that is done with an effective Awareness Strategy (discussed in chapter 5).

However, many hypnotists would rather update their website, or brochure, or get new headshots, then do the work of bringing in new business.

Don’t make this mistake. New hypnotists should be focused on bringing in new clients.


Steve graduated from hypnosis certification training and quickly began looking for a new office. He was excited and looking forward to his new career helping people.

He mentioned that he didn’t want to sign up new clients yet because he didn’t have an office.

I advised him to sign up clients. The office will come. And sure enough, he signed up a new client – no office. In two days, he had an office.

In the story below, Michael quickly discovered that his hypnosis practice and revenue generating opportunities extended way beyond just working with clients.


Michael had a thriving massage therapy practice – but he wanted more. He enjoyed working with people who have a history of trauma like combat, childhood abuse, sexual abuse and/or physical abuse. His ideal client is the client who is ready to take back control of their life and begin to create a more fulfilling existence for themselves and those they love.

Here’s his story:

“My hypnosis practice is so much bigger than I thought it would be, way bigger. I knew I would be helping everyday people with everyday issues, and I am. However, I have also found myself getting paid for speaking about hypnosis, writing about hypnosis for a local newspaper, being published in professional hypnosis journals as well as several online publications, mentoring new hypnotists and even creating my own hypnotic business products for other hypnosis professionals. This is not a career, it is a passion and I am so glad that I found the right teacher for me because without the initial tools I’d not been able to do what I do.”

“The professional hypnosis community is amazing. After almost fifteen years as a MT in private practice I had never been able to build a support network of like-minded professionals whom I could share ideas or concerns with and well the massage therapy conventions were dismal. It seemed as if most MT’s viewed fellow MT’s as competition rather than resources and although that does exist in hypnosis it is extremely rare. If I had known about hypnosis and the amazing community of healers it houses I would have made the switch years earlier.”