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The Hypnotic Power of Celebrating Awareness

by Erika Flint, BCH, OB on

Originally published in the 5 PATH Journal


'What worked for you this week?’ I asked Cheryl as she sat across the desk from me in the hypnosis office.

Cheryl responded, ‘I'm getting better at recognizing genuine hunger.' She took a moment to collect her thoughts and glanced around the room.

Continuing, she added, 'I'm actually surprised by that, in a way. Something you mentioned during our last session really stuck with me - celebrating awareness. I think I did that this week because everything felt really easy.'

Cheryl went on to share that she had embraced the idea of celebrating in general. Simply becoming aware of the changes she wanted to make and celebrating those moments prevented her from feeling guilty about not sticking perfectly to her eating goals.

But what exactly is 'Celebrating Awareness'? 

Clients come to us seeking transformation. Part of the art of guiding them through change involves allowing them to evolve without halting the process.

We can draw parallels with the Feel-Bad-Distract cycle discussed in 'The Secret Language of Feelings.' When clients consume something they believe they shouldn't, they often pile on feelings of guilt, anger, inadequacy, or shame, which can lead to further unwanted eating.

By shifting their focus towards celebrating awareness, our clients can acknowledge those moments of change. We can help them to be present that moment and celebrate it! 

Imagine a client working on weight loss who realizes she's mindlessly snacking at the office when she's not even hungry. She's munching on pretzels out of habit. 

The instant she becomes aware of this behavior, she stops, smiles, and feels pleased that she's aware she no longer wants to eat pretzels during a meeting.

There's no self-criticism or drama about her past actions.

In essence, the moment our clients become aware of their desire for change, they celebrate this realization. It's a mental pat on the back, saying, 'Good job! You noticed it!' And perhaps next time, they'll catch it even faster.

This approach works because it immediately rewards our clients for simply noticing. Noticing and celebrating. It encourages the conscious mind to recognize these transformation opportunities and helps them stay in the present, grateful for their capacity to evolve.

I look forward to your feedback on this technique! My clients' self-love is expanding with this simple concept that I'm using myself as well.