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When Your Client's Body Speaks Louder Than Their Words

by Erika Flint, BCH, OB on

Our body is amazing at communicating our needs, but it's not always obvious what our body is needing us to address. Any body messages during a hypnosis session are a message from the unconscious mind. These messages are valuable in helping your client identify and address their issue, and I always welcome these feelings.



In this video I discuss that a client's body is struggling to communicate a warning by inducing headaches during stressful moments. This client started to get a headache during a hypnosis session that was addressing these stressful times. I like to frame these body signals as a story for clients. "That part of your body loves you so much that it will always alert you when something like this is going on." But the client wasn't listening to the signal and kept ignoring these headaches, and in response the headaches got louder and more intense as a way to get her to notice something. Her body was screaming at her basically. LISTEN TO ME!!!

Through hypnosis we can acknowledge and apologize to this part of the body for not listening to it before. We also agree to listen to these signals now, and they no longer need to be so intense since we are gaining a new awareness about what's being signaled to us.

It's often a gift to have a client have these signals come up during hypnosis, because we know exactly what to do to help our client address the signal. We know the calming techniques. We also know that the body is a strong communicator and through hypnosis and calming techniques we can find exactly what the body is trying to communicate. Our clients will feel empowered by understanding what's happening, and empowered by having the tools to work through the signal themselves. By practicing calming techniques or the Alpha Sequence, clients will become experts in exactly what these signals are needing them to pay attention to. 

We all have these signals. Like when you eat something weird and you just know you're going to have an upset stomach later. We know how to pay attention to this feeling, and make sure we are in the right place to do something soothing, or be prepared if things do get more uncomfortable.

So if you notice a client is in hypnosis and says something about how they feel a headache coming on, feel faint, or any other body sensation, then it's important to take a moment to address that sensation and discover what the unconscious mind is trying to communicate. Pay attention to what the client was talking about or feeling when this sensation started. Teach them to appreciate their body for wanting to alert them of something. And teach them a relaxation technique or the Alpha Sequence to practice when this happens to them outside of the hypnosis session. In no time your client will feel empowered to address these signals and know how to support themselves for relief and understanding.