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Wings Of Inspired Business with Melinda Wittstock - Erika Flint on Hypnotizing Success: How to Speed UP…by Slowing Down

by Cascade Hypnosis on
  • 4:12 - You work with entrepreneurs a lot using hypnosis. What are some of the practical applications? Where is it being used best to help entrepreneurs on their journeys?

  • 5:31 - Well, we’re all driven by our subconscious and these things come up. I think all humans, but especially entrepreneurs because we’re in often challenging circumstances we get triggered, things happen, or you see patterns recurring in your life over and over again. So for entrepreneurs working with you what’s the process that helps them identify, I guess, those things and overcome them?

  • 7:20 - Women tend to fall into overwhelm very easily really thinking we have to do it all to have it all. What’s the root belief in that that holds us there?

  • 8:35 - I find with female entrepreneurs that part of the overwhelm and this sense of having to do everything is tied into a deeper issue of I’m not worthy. I have to prove myself. I have to be super competent. I have to get everything done. Whereas, men are out creating the relationships that really grease the wheels of business, and it’s ironic because women actually tend to be more relationship focused. And yet we’re not using that muscle. Are there any clients, or stories where you’ve been able to using hypnosis really change that course for women?

  • 11:48 - …the other tricky thing as well for a lot of female founders is finding the capital to execute on all the things they want to do at an early stage of a business if you’re a tech entrepreneur like me, or just being able to have the funds to hire quickly enough. I think one of the big mistakes that a lot of women make is not hiring early enough because we tend to view that as an expense rather than as an investment. Does that come up for your clients as well because this double-edged thing about women wanting to do it all themselves, but at the same time being slow to hire so they don’t have to do it all themselves?

  • 14:28 - What are the circumstances that most entrepreneurs tend to come to you? What’s the triggering event that makes them say, okay, I’ve got to do something about this?

  • 20:00 -  It’s interesting with driving and road rage, I think back to that. It used to really irritate me when someone did something like cut me off, or things like that. And then after a while, I started to think, well, I don’t know what’s going on in their life. Maybe they have to get to the hospital really, really quickly. Do you know what I mean? And after a while I find that doesn’t even happen to me. I don’t get cut off anymore.

  • 21:50 -   I’m curious what you think of this pattern when a certain type of person is showing up in your life. (…) Do you find that your clients have those kinds of patterns in terms of the types of people they attract into their lives?

  • 25:40 - So in that case where you do have recurring people that come into your life and you’re aware of it now, like you’ve recovered enough that you can spot it a mile away then it comes down, I guess, to just having good boundaries about what you’re going to do with that information. And as you say, be grateful for the teacher, but is there any extra work where hypnosis can come in and just help you not even attract those people at all?

  • 28:41 - So how, Erika, did you get into hypnosis?

  • 30:04 - And did you discover what the underlying attraction, I guess, to alcohol at that time of your life was? Was it just a self-medication, or was there something deeper to that that you discovered through the hypnosis that allowed you to recover?

  • 35:00 - Are you helping a lot of people right now, business owners cope with all the fear and uncertainty around coronavirus, what it’s going to mean for them, and the transition, I suppose, because people find change very difficult generally?

  • 36:50 - So what’s next for you? What’s the big? Sorry. Let me ask that again. So, Erika, where do you see your business going?

  • 38:07 - And so how do people find you and work with you? Do you do virtual sessions, or do you have to be there in person?