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The Stress Less Entrepreneur with Tommy Bui - Computer Programmer Turned Hypnotherapist With Erika Flint

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I got the amazing opportunity to sit down with Tommy Bui of The Stress Less Entrepreneur to discuss my personal journey into hypnosis, as well as ways in which entrepreneurs experience and can relieve stress without sacrificing, and in fact improving, their success. I also discuss finding “heaven state,” or a calm and focused resting state that allows us to be able to easily stay grounded when stressful moments arise.

Here’s a summary of the questions and topics shared in this interview (all statements are paraphrased and not exact quotes):

1:55 - Rundown of what you do and history of yourself.

2:48 - How did you become a hypnotist and was it easy for you?

4:28 - Was it tough to transition from computer programmer to being an independent business owner?

5:28 - Was there a pivotal moment where you were ready to do hypnosis full time?

7:00 - There's quite a stigma around the word hypnosis. Does it get frustrating needing to constantly educate people about what hypnosis is?

9:07 - What is a standard hypnosis session like with you?

12:45 - Is hypnosis still just as effective over Zoom and online?

14:10 - What are some common themes you see with entrepreneurs and stress?

15:15 - More about money blocks?

16:40 - What are some of the ways you manage stress and self care?

19:02 - Many entrepreneurs believe there isn't time to rest when they could be working hard on something. Do you have any comments for those people?

21:40 - What works best for Tommy?

22:50 - What are some of the challenges in publishing a book?

24:35 - Which part was the most difficult in the process of writing?

26:30 - How do we find the balance between getting things done while also educating ourselves? 

30:00 - Is there something that's currently bothering you in being able to progress your business?

33:13 - What's down the line for Erika Flint in the next 24 months?

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