Hypnosis Quick Tip #8 : Believe in Your Clients - Even When They've Lost All Hope

Hypnosis Quick Tip #8 : Believe in Your Clients - Even When They've Lost All Hope

This week's Hypnosis Quick Tip is all about how we as hypnotists have the power to help transform our clients with our own belief in them.

Clients will come to you at all stages of the change process - some are ready to change, and just need a professional to help them make the transition in an easy and effective way. Others are more challenged, perhaps everything they've already tried has left them feeling hopeless, frustrated, and exhausted. We need to help both.

Here are tips on how to help those  clients that come to you and have already lost their hope.

Imagine your client as having already made the change they want to make

You, as the hypnotist, have a lot of power here. Your belief in the client is critical! You need to be able to imagine your client having already made this change, and once you do that, your belief will naturally be integrated into all the work you do with them. It will help your client believe in themselves  and start to see themselves how you see them - it will give them hope, and empower the change.

  • If your client wants to stop smoking, imagine them smoke free, and healthy.
  • If your client wants to lose weight, imagine them having lost a significant amount already, and walking and moving with ease.
  • If your client wants more self-confidence, imagine them being happy and peaceful around you and in your office.

This comes natural to me now because I've been doing this work long enough, had my own personal transformations with hypnosis, and am a true believer in the work I do. But it wasn't always that way. I always had a belief in my clients, but now I'm actually able to imagine something much more powerful for my clients, I KNOW this works, and that they can change. When I see my clients I see the good in them. I see the challenges, and struggle, and I see possibilities. I hang onto that and it powers everything I do with clients. It is amazing.

But how can you do that?

First with your experience helping people in similar situations, or if you're new to the profession, a belief in the powerful work you are doing. You can also "borrow" the expertise from colleagues - knowing that other hypnotists have helped people like your client - without hope and with a similar issue, in the past.

There are a few ways to accomplish this :

Before your client arrives

Take a moment before your client arrives to just clear your head and focus on them - even if you haven't met them before. Being mindful and completely present at all times during the hypnosis session is probably the best thing you can do for your client next to your technical expertise as a hypnotist.  Clear away any thoughts about yourself, or your previous client or work you were doing and focus on the client with an intent to help them in any way you can to make the change they want to make.

Know that some clients are coming to you as a "last resort", and aren't sure if hypnosis can help them. Even if they are doubtful you still need to be hopeful! Don't let your clients negativity or hopelessness discourage you. This is part of your job to know that hypnosis works so they can hang onto that until the change takes place.

During the Hypnosis Pre-Talk

The hypnosis pre-talk is a time before the hypnosis session when you talk with your client. This is a good opportunity to understand your client and their situation better, including what they've tried in the past to fix their situation. Most importantly, it's also an opportunity for you to understand the benefits of the change your client wants to make. In my office we use a benefits form, and it's a very straight forward form that asks 2 questions :

  1. What is the reason you're coming in for hypnosis today (the change you want to make) ?
  2. List the Benefits of the Change you want to make.

When I review this list with my clients, I begin to imagine them already having the benefits of the change they want to make. I might even close my eyes as I review this form. Here are some questions you can ask your clients to help them start imagining it and believing it too :

  • Won't that be nice, when [ the benefit of the change], for example : "Won't that be nice when you feel more peaceful and in control?" If your client has a hard time answering this open-ended question, help them by asking them "What will it be like when you're more peaceful and in control ?"  Then you may need to help them to begin to imagine it, "you'll be calm and relaxed more often, and you'll probably sleep better, and have more enjoyment in your day".
  • I bet that will feel great when you [ the benefit of the change] , for example "I bet that will feel great when you lose 10 pounds!"

It's important that you start getting your client to imagine the possibilities. This is a good time to address any negative self-talk, and help them start to focus on the positive. Remember, what we focus on grows, so get them to focus on what they DO want - not what they don't want.

Your client may feel overwhelmed

A common response to change work is clients feeling overwhelmed and not being able to imagine the "end result". For example, take a client that wants to lose 200 pounds. It may be difficult for them to imagine losing 200 pounds, and even trying to imagine that can be frustrating and seem impossible.

Instead, help them imagine the first pound. Then the second. Then the third. Pretty soon they'll be at 10, then you can help them imagine the next 10, and so on Go after incremental change for your clients if they're overwhelmed with the end result. A great question to ask your clients to get them started in the right direction is this is  :

"What's the next smallest thing you can do?"

This question is all about incremental change, about getting the ball rolling, and it's usually saved for the hypnosis session when your client is imagining making the change.

Your belief in hypnosis and the process is critical

Your belief in your client is critical, if you expect them to be able to make the change, then every thing you do with that client will be reinforced by your own belief. Whether you realize it or not everything you do and say is backed by your belief.

The opposite is true as well so if you ever catch yourself feeling frustrated with your client, or feeling a little hopeless just STOP.

Stop what you're doing. Take in a deep breath, and remember - you're the hypnotist, you can do this, and your client needs you to believe in them.

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