Hypnosis Quick Tip #9 : Top 5 Tips to Expertly Build Client Rapport

Hypnosis Quick Tip #9 : Top 5 Tips to Expertly Build Client Rapport

Welcome to this week's Hypnosis Quick Tip, designed to give you an inside tip or trick in less than 5 minutes! This weeks' quick tip has a bonus Free Hypnosis Training Video from Hypnosis, Etc., for even more guidance.

What is rapport?

The dictionary definition reads "a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other's feelings or ideas and communicate well."

What does rapport mean in the hypnosis office?

  • Your client feels comfortable and willing to share openly with you about the issues and concerns in their life.
  • Your client feels safe and comfortable in your office.
  • Because your client feels safe and comfortable (and after a good hypnosis pre-talk), your client wants to do hypnosis with you.
  • Your client trusts you and is willing to follow your guidance so they can get all the benefits for what they came in for.

Why is rapport so important to our client's success?

Having great rapport with clients helps them believe in your ability to help them, which ultimately leads to their own success for what they came in for but also the experience empowers them to make other changes they want to make in their lives.

If you don't have rapport with your clients everything else you try to do will be more challenging, including inducing hypnosis and having a beneficial session with your clients.

Top 5 Tips to Expertly Build Client Rapport

  1. Rapport begins the moment your client comes into contact with your business.Building rapport with your clients doesn't begin when you first meet them, it begins when they first come in contact with you and your business.  Whether that's an ad in a newspaper, a referral from a friend, your website, or a class.
    • Align all marketing material with your business values and goals so your clients feel safe and comfortable working with you from the beginning.
    • Take good notes about your client when you first interact with them. If you speak with your client on the phone or in person prior to the first session, make notes about what the client shares with you so you can ask your client about the things they shared with you when you meet them in your office. This helps your client understand that you care, that you were listening, and that you are there for their best interest.
  2. Have a comfortable, clean office and greet your client with genuine interest.Help your client feel comfortable and welcomed when you meet them. When they arrive at your business, greet them with genuine interest, as if they are the most important person in the world - because they are at that moment.
    • For many clients, hypnosis as a last resort, and they may be feeling tired, sad, and often hopeless. Be the person that helps turn that around, and how you greet your client can help them be thankful they contacted you.
    • Talk with them about something they shared with you when you first spoke, ask if they located your office easily.
    • Your office should be clean of any potentially offensive material, including anything political or religious in nature. Anything that offends your client can break or lessen rapport, so keep your client's best interest in mind when decorating your office.
  3. Smile, listen, and make sure you understand your client.Use good listening and communication skills with your clients.
    • Repeat back to your client what they've shared with you so they know you're listening.This is especially important for complicated issues to ensure you have it right. But do not repeat everything back to your client. You just want to get it right, and give them the feeling that you understand them.
    • Validate your clients feelings so they feel understood.
  4. Know when to write things down, and when to just listen.Usually I want to put my note pad and client file away when they're talking, so I can just listen, but it's also important to write things down under a few circumstances :
    • Write down things that your client thinks is important so they feel like you understand them
    • Write down any specific language they use so you can feed it back to them while in the hypnosis session.
  5. Most importantly - Be Present.This is the #1 thing you can do to build rapport with your clients. When you're interacting with your client, whether it's in an email, on the phone, or face to face.
    • Be completely genuine and present with your clients. This is the best way to help your clients know that you care about them and their best interest. If you have something else on your mind, are multi-tasking, or just day dreaming or thinking of something else your client will know.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tip on building client rapport. Would you like even more details on expertly building rapport with every client? Watch the video below from Hypnosis, Etc.,

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