Hypnosis Quick Tip #10 : The 4 Parts of an Instant Induction

Todays' Hypnosis Quick Tip is all about Instant Inductions.*


Why are instant inductions important?

There are three primary reasons why instant inductions are important :

  1. Because the faster we get our clients into hypnosis, the more time we have to work with them on the reasons they came in to see us for.
  2. All things being equal, the faster the induction the better because there is less to go wrong.
  3. It's better for the hypnotist - imagine if you're seeing 4 plus clients a day how nice it will be to get your clients into hypnosis in seconds rather than minutes.

The details of using Instant Inductions are included as part of the hypnosis certification courses at Cascade Hypnosis Training, so if you take one of our classes you'll get to learn this technique first-hand.

The 4 parts of an Instant Induction

      1. Focus : We ask our client to focus on something, usually by pressing on our hand and closing their eyes. This focus actually makes our clients more suggestible, so they enter into a light state of hypnosis at this point.
      2. Surprise : We shock, or surprise our clients by dropping their hand, or speaking louder than expected. This drops our clients much deeper into hypnosis, making them even more suggestible.
      3. "Sleep" : We give our clients the suggestion for "Sleep" immediately after surprising them. It's important that you discuss this word with your clients prior to giving them this suggestion because we don't really want our clients to go to sleep. In your Hypnosis Pre-talk, tell your clients that when you say the word "sleep" you mean to go deeply relaxed as-if you were asleep with your eyes closed.
      4. Deepen Immediately : After the suggestion for sleep, our clients are in a highly suggestible state for .5 - 1.5 seconds, but due to the laws of physics and what goes up must come down, the state of hypnosis must be immediately depended in order to retain a level of hypnosis suitable for the deeper insight based hypnosis work - like Age Regression, and Forgiveness Therapies.


Those are the 4 steps, but make sure you get proper training in this technique before you start using it. As I previously mentioned we go into details of this technique in the Hypnosis Certification Training offered at our center.

Start using modern hypnosis techniques like this, and retire some of the old ones, like the long progressive relaxation induction that can take up to 20 minutes! Our clients need us to use modern techniques so they can get the help they need as quickly as possible.

For even more detail on this technique, and to learn the specific instant induction that I use regularly in my practice and teach to all of my students visit The Eight Word Induction™ created by Cal Banyan.

* Note : portions of this material originally appeared in a series of published articles by the creator of The Eight Word Induction™ Cal Banyan.

You can read Cal Banyan's original article on Hypnosis.org on this technique which was published in 2002.