10 Minutes to Make This Your Best Year Yet : Free Guide for You and Your Clients

I have a gift for you AND your clients and students. It's called: 10 Minutes to Make This Year Your Best Year Ever Worksheet

Get Instant Access to the Worksheet

I created it in 2015 and it received tremendous positive feedback from clients and other hypnotists because of its simplicity. There are a lot of guides to planning your year and goal setting, but this one works for 3 reasons :

  1. It only takes 10 minutes.

  2. It uses powerful hypnotic techniques.

  3. It uses a time constraint "trick" to help people get started right away.

You can use this guide for yourself, and send it to your clients and students. It includes hypnosis based techniques I use in my office nearly every day including :  focusing on what you DO want, finding the lesson learned in an experience, and embodying what you want for your future.

This is my gift to you because it's part of my personal mission to help spread the word about hypnosis and help as many people as possible with hypnosis.


You'll notice there's no "branding" on the worksheet - Add Your Business Name and Contact Information To it Before You Send it Out ! Share it on Social media if you want. Let me know how it turns out.