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Erika Flint on Blazing Women Entrepreneurs Podcast

by Erika Flint on

In this episode of Blazing Women Entrepreneurs, Blaze Lazaroni  and Erika Flint talk about being an entrepreneur, how Erika got started in hypnosis, her new book Reprogram Your Weight,  and how to help people in the most effective way possible.

Erika Flint on Blazing Women Entrepreneurs Podcast
Blazing Women Entrepreneurs Podcast


Here’s a breakdown of the episode :

1:30 Going from high tech to the most powerful computing device –> the human mind!

3:15 Moment of Realization : How feelings of being left out resonate to work today

6:00 How did you start your business – from computing to hypnosis?

8:15 How our previous experience helps in future careers

10:00 Getting the right education and training : 5-PATH  ® Hypnosis

13:30 Finding purpose

14:50 The most important thing

20:15 Why weight loss with hypnosis can feel magical

24:20 The crumpled face  story

26:41 Emotional alchemy

27:00 Wins in the hypnosis office with weight loss

29:32 How realization of how we learn as individuals is critical – analyzing the aha moment

31:31 Making success repeatable

33:15 Incremental success

33:56 Simplicity leads to permanent change

37:20 Intrinsic value of brushing your teeth and applying it to your life

38:30 No you don’t have to go to the gym to lose weight

40:27 Favorite Blazing Woman Entrepreneur: Angela Lauria