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Erika Flint on Blazing Women Entrepreneurs Podcast

by Erika Flint on

Here’s a breakdown of the episode:

1:30 Going from high tech to the most powerful computing device –> the human mind!

3:15 Moment of Realization : How feelings of being left out resonate to work today

6:00 How did you start your business – from computing to hypnosis?

8:15 How our previous experience helps in future careers

10:00 Getting the right education and training : 5-PATH  ® Hypnosis

13:30 Finding purpose

14:50 The most important thing

20:15 Why weight loss with hypnosis can feel magical

24:20 The crumpled face  story

26:41 Emotional alchemy

27:00 Wins in the hypnosis office with weight loss

29:32 How realization of how we learn as individuals is critical – analyzing the aha moment

31:31 Making success repeatable

33:15 Incremental success

33:56 Simplicity leads to permanent change

37:20 Intrinsic value of brushing your teeth and applying it to your life

38:30 No you don’t have to go to the gym to lose weight

40:27 Favorite Blazing Woman Entrepreneur: Angela Lauria