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Eliminate Negative Limiting Beliefs and Self-Talk with Hypnotherapist Erika Flint On The Pam Sowder Podcast

by Cascade Hypnosis on

Originally posted through Apple Podcasts

Pam Sowder and Erika have a wonderful discussion about how we end up with mental blocks, how we find those “Ah-ha!” moments, and how to maintain your flow state with a demonstration of the Alpha Sequence.

All timestamps are summaries of the question or discussion and not direct quotes.

1:50 - Who is Erika and how did you get here in your life?

3:35 - How'd you find hypnosis?

5:13 - Do you teach self hypnosis or do we need to be with you to do hypnosis?

6:17 - How is hypnosis different from meditation?

7:30 - They can actually achieve results that fast?

9:43 - What do you mean by restructure our brain and mind?

12:47 - There are so many people that suffer from limiting thoughts, and you mentioned how that connects to alpha brain waves?

16:42 - Why is there a stigma on hypnotism?

18:02 - So tell us about the alpha sequence.

25:09 - Is this the same as "being in the flow," like in the shower or on a walk when all of a sudden you get all the good ideas?

27:52 - Is this how people have "blocks?" Like money blocks, or thinking "I'm not worthy," etc.?

30:05 - What happens after the "Ah-ha!" moment?

32:40 - Where are our random thoughts coming from?

34:40 - You said something about "Heaven on Earth," can you give clarity to that?

38:45 - Give us some way to get off the podcast right now and start seeing Heaven on Earth.

41:16 -  Tell us about your new book Academy of Eternity