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Eye Fractionation Demonstration as a Hypnotic Induction and Deepener

by Erika Flint, BCH, OB on

This hypnosis induction can be used as a group induction or as an induction for self-hypnosis.

The Eye fractionation hypnosis induction guides you to gently open and close your eyes with every number counted. Your eyes become heavier, and you feel safe and comfortable. Here's a short demonstration so you can try it yourself:


This induction naturally helps you relax by using techniques of eye fatigue, repetition, pacing, and breathing in addition to hypnotic suggestions. Here's a simple script:

One- open and close your eyes. Eyelids getting heavier...

Two - open and close again. Deeper relaxed. Feeling safe and comfortable. 

Three -open and close your eyes again. Or maybe just keep them closed if you'd like.

Four - Open and close, or just keep them closed...Deeper and deeper relaxed. Floating and drifting down. 

Pretty soon you just prefer to keep them closed, and allow yourself to go even more deeply and comfortably relaxed. and closed deeper and deeper

six....relaxing more and more. 

seven...deeply and comfortably relaxed

eight...drifting and floating down...opening and closing again or just keeping them closed...

nine...very deeply relaxed. tranquil and calm...

Ten, now allow your eyes to remain closed Good job.

Eye fractionation is also a useful deepener. Deepeners are a great way to help clients who really struggle to relax, and probably don't have any experience with hypnosis. Here's a short demonstration:


You'll notice a big pause during the last count before saying 3. This is what we call a "covert test" and is how a hypnotist can assess how deeply relaxed and ready for hypnosis a client is. If the client anticipates hearing "3" and closes their eyes too early, the hypnotist knows to perform another deepener. If the client matches the pause and waits to close their eyes, then they are ready to go on to the next stage of hypnosis.

Here's a simple script for this deepener:

You can relax and close your eyes and go deeper

Is that all right with you? Yeah, okay.

Very good one, two, three,  go deeper.

One, two, three, good go deeper.

One, two, three, your eyelids are getting tired now.

One, two, three, good go deeper. Eyelids getting even heavier.

One, two, three,  good go deeper.

One, two...

Three -- good go deeper deeper relaxed

Both of these videos were recorded during our professional hypnosis training, and are a small example of all the phenomenal hypnosis techniques you'll learn. We love training heart-centered people who want to make a big difference in people's lives. For more information visit