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Goodbye Crohn's! Living Hypnotically with Hypnotist Daniele Favaro

by Erika Flint, BCH, OB on


For this episode of Living Hypnotically we are joined by Daniele Favaro who has made immense progress with people suffering from Crohn's disease by utilizing the power of hypnosis.

Tell us about how you knew you had Crohn's.

Daniele had been experiencing intense abdominal pain, diarrhea, and blood in his stool for many years, but he couldn't figure out why. He tried various treatments, including diets and medication, but his symptoms only disappeared when he was in a good state of mind. When he moved to America and started exploring and learning, he was happy and symptom-free for two years. However, when he started experiencing stress and making unhealthy choices again, his symptoms returned. Daniele realized that he had unconscious coping mechanisms that weren't healthy, and he needed to make a transformational change in his way of thinking. After trying Chinese medicine, neuropathy, and other therapies, he understood there was an emotional component to his distress. He turned to hypnosis, which he found to be one of the most powerful tools for creating true change on an unconscious level.

What would you like to say to people that are suffering with Crohn's or some of the symptoms?

He encourages those struggling without a diagnosis or with these conditions to focus on self-care and be kind to themselves, as it can lead to transformation and symptom relief. Erika adds that stress can be a significant factor and that hypnosis can help alleviate stress and empower individuals to find their own solutions.

The conversation continues about how changing one's attitude towards a situation can have an effect on their physical health, specifically in cases of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Daniele explains that emotional reactions to situations can manifest in the intestine as symptoms of IBD. By taking responsibility for their lives and changing their attitudes, clients can take control of their symptoms and transform their lives. His Facebook group called Stop Crohn Disease offers free resources and tools for those with IBD. Doing positive exercises and homework is key to creating transformation.

What's happening in the brain for people dealing with these issues?

Daniele explains how the brain can form new pathways by repeatedly practicing new behaviors and interactions with people. The brain naturally wants to feel good and conserve energy, so it reinforces these new pathways that lead to positive results. Erika adds that hypnosis can help shift the way we see things and gain a different perspective by slowing everything down and gaining clarity. In a state of hypnosis, we can have a different perspective because we are calmer.

What if a client has been dealing with this issue for years, or have experienced a setback in progress?

 Daniele emphasizes the importance of setting intentions and exploring new ways of interacting with others. Additionally, he highlights the misconception that symptoms of autoimmune diseases can never be fully cured, noting that new triggers can cause relapses but that these can be addressed through further work. He stresses the value of seeking the help of an external point of view, such as a coach or hypnotist, to identify and break patterns of behavior more quickly than one might on their own. Many of his clients have experienced significant improvements in just a few sessions.

How can people find out more of get in touch with you?

You can join Daniele's Facebook group STOP Crohn's disease and UC NOW!

The group offers many resources, supports, and free download of his new book Transform: How to Overcome Chronic Digestive Symptoms.

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