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Helping Hypnosis Clients with Underlying Resentment and Anger

by Erika Flint, BCH, OB on

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Where we share inspirational wins, tools, and techniques about being a professional hypnotist and helping clients with powerful, modern hypnosis. 

Catherine Witt a is a successful professional hypnotists who has been in practice for over four years. 

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Catherine  Witt is a professional hypnotist who started seeing clients in 2018 and quickly found success in her new, rewarding career. 

How did you get started in hypnosis?

"When I was 12  I thought I wanted to be a drama therapist.

Fast forward to now...and now I know I love dealing with things on a deep psychological level.

I also love storytelling.

I love the aspect of how our stories heal.

And the way we tell our stories, which is the  backbone of drama and theater. 

It's  the human story.

And so I, I actually then became a teacher. 

I decided teaching would also be pretty exciting."

So how long have you been a hypnotist, a professional hypnotist?

"Four and a half years."

What did you think about hypnosis before you became a hypnotist?

"When I was 12 I was part of a stage hypnosis experience.

I thought it was powerful how you can be  suggestible and that you can get your mind into a state that where you're willing do anything.

I've come to learn that people have their own boundaries, and they don't do it if they don't really want to. 

I found it  fascinating add to that the fact that I was so into it in that stage show! 

I was a hundred percent focused on whatever we were doing and I thought that is a powerful instrument." 

What did you think about hypnosis beforehand?

"When I was in college, I read a book called The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

I was harnessing that power - like planting suggestions, planting ideas and then watching them come to fruition and play out.

I thought -  this really is something here. This really works."

Catherine and Erika continue, pointing out that the intention with stage hypnosis is different - it isn't to really to alleviate suffering from the people in the crowd.

It's primarily for entertainment.

Stage hypnosis opens people's eyes and minds and hearts to the possibility. 

If you can do that on stage - I wonder what else you can do? 

How has hypnosis and being a professional hypnotist changed for you over time, now that you've been doing it for four years? 

"I'm more flexible with it.

I remember my very first couple clients, I was just so stoked.

The way  that 5-PATH©️  has this methodology that allows us to work with people right away and  empower people from your first client.

It helps us be successful immediately because of the structure.

I  really love freeing people from old patterns.

Like empowering people to create new actions and powers and, and patterns in their life."

What was that like working with your first clients? 

"They got results. 

They quit smoking, they're getting along better with their spouses. 

I just was so stoked and I still am - I still have that feeling of excitement.

And we can just make clients lives better. 

It, it was, and is so thrilling.

It was that feeling of - here.

I'm here. I've arrived." 

Who do you like to help with as a professional hypnotist?

"I like helping with -  it's sort of a reluctant thing, but I do feel like I get a lot of progress with people who have underlying resentment and anger issues.

And after working with them,  they find that they are at peace around these people that gave them problems in the past.

They can handle their own thoughts and imaginings and feelings around it.

So now they can go to the family evens again.

They can find that sense of peace  and centered inner spirit within themselves." - Catherine Witt


What do you think's really happening with those folks that have that deep-seated anger and the work you do? What's really going on inside that's giving them that peace?

"I think where the anger comes from is a sense of injustice.  A sense of not being heard.

Or being neglected or abused.

 And by working with me they have the ability to find compassion for their own self.

And not have to project all of this negativity onto the other people.

So you're not sitting there judging, assigning blame or responsibility and constantly keeping track of who owes, who owes what to me and who did wrong to me.

And keeping like this ongoing track of fairness and, you know, respect or something in our lives."

Do you live hypnotically? Do you incorporate hypnosis into your every day?

"Absolutely, Erika I mean, I don't know what I ever did without it.

Well, actually I do know, I mean, I had coping mechanisms.

Like I used to smoke.

I used to binge eat.

Now I live hypnotically.

I just, I just really love my hypnosis and I do it like at least three to five times a week usually."

And what do you actually do? Do you sit down kind of formally and do self-hypnosis? Can you walk us through what you actually do?

"I like a lot of novelty so I'll do different things.

Sometimes I will sit down and just close my eyes and just breathe deeply and try and connect to the spirit until I'm getting to this place where my body isn't sort of like edgy.

And then I will do a form of mantra hypnosis.

Sometimes I will listen to music and float, like in a hot tub.

And as as soon as my feet hit the ground, like I'm going for a walk -  I just get into this meditative state.

I feel really focused again on that center and I'm able to process thoughts and feelings and witness myself.

And I know it's a habit like exercise.

I know if I don't do it, then I start feeling on edge"

What message do you have for your clients?What would you like them to know about hypnosis or working with you?

"I would like them to know that whatever it is they imagine for themselves and and want for themselves is completely within their realm.

And let's get on it.

Let's get going." 

Do you find that shifting the belief on 'I'm not good enough', or 'I'm not lovable' is a core part of the work you do?

"That's a big part of our work, yes, shifting that belief. There's nothing wrong with you.
Erika that's why I really am drawn to you - you know this, you know how key it is that people understand that there is nothing wrong with them.
The advertising kind of industry is all about telling us you're not okay. You know?
You need to have this to be happy and we're hypnotized by that. Very hypnotized. That's why we go by our mascara." - Catherine Witt

The Powerful Pause

"With hypnosis clients get that pause ;  and that the pause is where everything is.  You don't get that knee-jerk reaction.

If you're getting tapped into this other information and you're just doing your thing over and over some say like up to 80% of our actions are subconscious. "


"You will have those moments of pure presence and joy that just drop in only when we're paying attention.

You walk outside and the rain had just stopped and on this day, because you did hypnosis, you take it a little bit more slowly...

You notice the raindrops hanging off the leaf right in front of you, and as you get closer, you see the entire world reflected around you...

You think - this raindrop, Hey, have you guys seen this raindrop?

And everybody's walking by this raindrop. And we have the ability to look at a raindrop and see the entire universe in that.

And then we get to, we get to help our clients have that same type of experience." - Erika Flint

Catherine shares a client win

"I had this, this, this one young man who was so sweet, such a sweet young man, but you know, he had so much on his plate with being a young father and trying to be a husband, trying to take care of all these people.

He also had a marijuana and pornography habit  - and he knew that it was clamping down his life.

We did some wonderful, beautiful work together where he really opened up and connected to his heart and he became more free to be the man that he really wanted to be of integrity.

And he got  into the military and is doing all these great things.

He told me ' I'm noticing flowers. ' Those little comments from our clients mean and tell so much.

"Hypnosis is an answer to our times. It's an answer to polarization in our world.

It's a connector.

It connects us to ourselves and then allows us, therefore to connect better."

 -Catherine Witt

The importance of small and consistent changes

"Realize that all you need to start a hypnosis practice is Five minutes a day at to begin with. And then you start getting this habit and you're like, okay, I can do it."

Thank you Catherine! 

 "You've been lovingly working  with us for quite some time, and we really appreciate it.

Catherine, you've helped so many people, so thank you."

Thank you for tuning into Living Hypnotically! 

To all of our listeners and fans out there, thank you so much for joining today and thank you, Catherine Witt, for being here and all of the love and heart that you have put into your practice starting from when you were  little and wanting the drama therapy.

How brilliant are we when we are little?That's just such a beautiful story.

So thanks for all of the great work that you do, Catherine.

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I'm Erika Flint. You can find me at, and I hope you have a wonderful day living Hypnotically. 

I hope to see you in the hypnosis classroom soon!

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