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Hypnosis for Releasing Anger and Irritation

by Erika Flint, BCH, OB on

We've all had those moments where something happens (or doesn't happen) which is so incredibly frustrating that it absolutely pisses us off. You feel your whole demeanor change. You're mad. It's unfair. You want to fix it right away but often can't.

This happened to me recently.

I decided to record myself doing this technique on a real world experience. It didn't solve the issue, but i feel better and lighter - like i can enjoy the rest of my day. In the past I would have been upset all day long, or wanted to escape with food or alcohol. But thankfully I know the right hypnosis tools to pivot.

Please enjoy this video of me sharing a vulnerable moment and walking through each step of how I use hypnosis to release the anger and irritation I'm feeling.

@djdancinghypnotist Hypnosis for releasing anger and irritation. I decided to record myself doing this techniqie on a real world experience. It didn't solve the issue, but i feel better and lighter - like i can enjoy the rest of my day. In the past I would have been upset all day long, or wanted to escape with food or alcohol. I hope you enjoy this alpha sequence! #hypnosis #hypnosisforanger #hypnosisexpert #hypnosisforcalm ♬ Find Your Inner Self-Meditation - Red Blue Studio


I'm so pissed about something it's making me laugh how angry I am. So I'm gonna do hypnosis. This is exactly what I teach. I feel like I don't want to do it. I'm mad and I wanna fix it. My conscious mind doesn't want to release the unfairness of the moment. My body is begging for me to calm down. And my heart is inviting me to a deeper understanding. That's the beauty of hypnosis. So I'm going to do the Alpha Sequence.

Find the spot on the wall just above your natural gaze. This engages the sympathetic nervous system. Take a deep breath and as you exhale soften your gaze. You should start to feel it in your body now. Take another deep breath and this time on the exhale close your eyes. For most people closing your eyes brings you into an Alpha Brainwave state.

Bring your focus to your physical body and notice if there is any part of you that would like to relax more than you already are relaxing right now. Invite those parts of you to relax. If you're feeling frustrated like I was, you can affirm that you're right that something is unfair and then step into the relaxation that you don't have to do anything at this exact moment. Just release.

Relax your jaw and drop your shoulders. This activates the vagus nerve which sends messages to your entire body that now is the time to relax. You are in exactly the right place at exactly the right time just by making the conscious decision to take this time for yourself.

Gradually slow down your breathing. At first it's a conscious slowing which evolves into a natural slower pace of breathing with long exhales. This invites your body to relax even further which allows your mind to drift peacefully.

Relax the back of your tongue. Decouple your tongue from the part of your mind preparing to speak. Imagine speech is dissolving and your mind is free to have new thoughts -- expansive thoughts or perhaps no thoughts at all.

Now we're going to drop into the heart with a nice deep breath. As you exhale, imagine dropping your consciousness into the loving embrace of your heart. Where it feels familiar, warm, and tender. However you imagine this feeling, focus on feeling really connected. Imagine connecting your body into the earth. Imagine opening up your heart and being a conduit of energy that is freely flowing through you.

I already feel good and forget that I was angry.

Thank you for sharing this moment with me.

You are more powerful than you realize. And in this moment allow parts of your mind to open and be awakened. Become activated. There are parts of you that are ready to become activated. Those parts of you are activating now and it feels good to feel more of you -- more at home.

You can stay here as long as you like. You may become aware of things you weren't aware of in the past. You can love yourself more deeply and have a conversation with your heart, mind, and or body about how you've been treating yourself. Have you've been getting good sleep, been loving, and been gracious? Have you been lying to yourself? See if you can make and keep small promises to build up self trust. Love yourself. Imagine giving yourself a really big hug. And as you do that all that oxytocin and good feelings come rushing out -- generated by your heart, mind, and the goodness inside of you.

I'm going to count to three and when I get to three you will open your eyes to a brand new world. Because every time you change and allow the energy within you to allow transformation and transmutation, a new way of being, feeling, and existing happens. We become more secure in the things we believe to be true. We can maintain our boundaries that help us stay aligned in who we know to be.

One, two, three -- you're feeling so good.

Thank you again for sharing this moment with me. I don't often record myself when I do this but I was feeling exceptionally irritated and wanted to share what I do in those moments. In general I prefer to feel peaceful and harmony, and when I don't I try to catch it early. My number one step is catch it, which is awareness, and then do hypnosis. I don't even need to think about it. Because the thinking mind usually isn't going to have what I'm looking for. I want to get into the body and the heart's consciousness.

Thank you again. I'm Erika Flint, professional hypnotherapy instructor, board certified hypnotist, and lover of humans all around.