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Hypnotherapy Healing with Erika Flint on The Addictionary Podcast with Maegan Kenney

by Erika Flint on

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In one of the greatest podcast interviews of the year, Maegan Kenney and Erika Flint discuss some of the deeper emotional, and spiritual breakthroughs in healing — especially from addiction. Erika shares her own struggles with alcoholism, and how hypnosis not only helped her recover, but helped her flourish into the successful, compassionate, and intelligent person that she is today.

The Addictionary Podcast is a female-lead unconventional podcast about addiction, mental health, holistic healing, recovery, plant medicines, and more!

Here’s a summary of the questions and topics shared in this interview (all statements are paraphrased and not exact quotes):

9:18 - Erika is introduced

10:25 - What is your(Erika’s) personal tie to hypnosis, and how does it connect to addiction?

12:30 - What was it about this method that shifted your perspective that hypnosis was the tool that was going to help you change your life?

16:10 - How do you do your work and get the process of helping someone started?

18:25 - Would you describe hypnosis as stepping into a different state of consciousness? And if so, how is this induced, and made to work?

20:23 - How do people receive the process typically? Are they blown away and able to articulate their shift, or is it more of an unconscious shift?

24:20 - If we can change and help ourselves, we don't necessarily have to change everything around us - it just kind of shifts.

26:10 - You hear about hypnosis a lot with weight loss and smoking… I know you wrote a book about weight loss with hypnosis. Does your intervention or approach change depending on what the person is aiming to accomplish in terms of the subject matter that they're bringing forward, AND how do you see this effective in something like weight loss?

27:15 - It always comes down to "what is the fear?"

28:55 - If someone has a breakthrough, do you find people are usually good with that breakthrough after the average 5 sessions, or do they go on to either work with you more, or seek something more to make the breakthrough more cohesive?

30:15 - Do you get people that follow up with you for updates about big changes they've made in their life after working with you?

33:45 - Tell us a bit about the books you've written and how people can find them.

35:06 - This year has really pushed people to question their life path and some deeper emotions, and some are feeling really exhausted… so getting hypnosis, or training as a hypnotist to help people makes a lot of sense.

38:25 - There's a difference between empathy and compassion… and I think that's why internal work is so important as a professional in this field.

39:09 - Tell people how they can find information about your hypnotist training program, and also where they can get your books.

39:48 - Are you seeing a spike in clients and training since COVID?

41:35 - Erika's interview ends.