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The Addicted Mind Podcast - Healing Hypnosis with Erika Flint

by Cascade Hypnosis on

02:25 — Erika introduces herself.

05:30 — Many people’s first impression of hypnosis is stage hypnosis. How do you translate that to how hypnosis can be used for self improvement and therapeutic purposes?

07:40 - How Erika found hypnosis after struggling with alcohol.

09:45 — Breakdown of how hypnosis helped Erika and what hypnosis is.

13:30 - It sounds like hypnosis allows you to get to that hidden material or limiting beliefs.

15:00 - Does hypnosis allow the body to more easily sit with those uncomfortable feelings to be able to work through limiting beliefs and trauma?

17:45 — Hypnosis is able to quiet the critical factor, or the part of the brain that maintains our beliefs, so that we can create new beliefs. Tell us more about the critical factor and how hypnosis works with the critical factor.

19:50 - So there has to be some willingness to be hypnotized?

22:20 - You mentioned hypnosis is a faster process then other methods internal work. Can you tell us more about that?

28:10 - Sometimes the smallest moments have the biggest impact on us without us being fully aware of that impact. Or a big moment effects us differently than we think.

32:55 - What would you like to share with the listeners out there?