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Nurse Shares the Power of Purple Elephants - Living Hypnotically Episode 10 with Tracy Kim

by Erika Flint, BCH, OB on

How did you go from being a nurse to being a hypnotist?

Tracy spent many years working with patients who were recovering from medical treatments, but still found themselves feeling pain or discomfort even after treatment. She had had numerous conversations that made it clear to her that there was an emotional component that these people were struggling with.

"And I just realized with the holistic approach, it's mind, body, spirit. And at the hospital we were just doing the body part and there's so much more."

How did you first get interested in hypnosis?

Many years ago Tracy had a friend that was on their way to a hypnotherapy appointment, and Tracy was very curious so she came along. She was able to ask tons of questions and discovered all the research that is out there that proves the effectiveness of hypnosis. A hypnotist was able to help her work through neuropathy that got worse when she was stressed. And since then she's been advocate for how powerful hypnosis is.

What have you learned about hypnosis that you didn't know in the past?

Through research, studying, psychology, success stories, and personal experience, Tracy now knows how well hypnosis works. It takes some hard work. The hypnotist is not a magician that can poof away all your problems without you being ready to work through them. Everyone has the answers and power within themselves, and Tracy is just the guide to help people get the results they are looking for.

What kind of patterns do you see in a lot of your clients?

Tracy has noticed that most people struggle with negative self-talk in some capacity. She likes to teach her clients to notice and stop self-talk and replace that thought with something positive. For clients that struggle to find a positive thought, she tells them to think of a purple elephant, because it's really about pivoting away from the old habits of negativity that is most important. Negativity can manifest in both emotional and physical ways, and she's seen some people make amazing changes within themselves.

What kinds of things are you helping clients with?

Stress, anxiety, and she loves working with athletes who may be recovering from an injury, or are just experiencing mental blocks.

Can you share a client success story?

A woman came in looking for more peace in her life, and after just one session she went home and her husband was questioning what was different about her -- she seemed emotionally and physically different.

Another success was another mom who had a 16 year old daughter that would always stay in her room and didn't have a great relationship with dad. After a couple of hypnosis sessions the mom found that they were all having dinner together and the daughter was actually talking to dad. It's amazing how adjusting our own energy can radiate to the other people in our lives.

What are you noticing is affecting younger people?

Tracy has worked a lot with younger people that are struggling with sleep and food addiction. They've tried therapy and aren't seeing results. But by letting them express themselves fully without judgement, and not trying to fit them within a box, Tracy is able to help them truly see themselves so that they can start accepting and loving themselves.

Do you teach your clients self hypnosis?

Tracy has an insight based process that she teaches her clients and they love it. Kids, adults, and athletes have all adopted it successfully. It can help people get in the zone, fall asleep, or unwind from a stressful day.

What would you like to say to any people thinking about trying hypnosis?

She would like to state the importance of truly being ready for change because it takes some dedication.

How do you live hypnotically?

Tracy practices self hypnosis every day. She's also constantly learning and looking for new information and techniques that are coming out.

What surprised you about becoming a hypnotherapist?

"I can help people in so many ways… you can really help a person live a better life and get to know themself better."

How can people work with you?

Tracy offers free 30 minute consultations where people can ask her any questions they have about working together. She can be reached at where she offers in-person and virtual hypnosis sessions.

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