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Professional Hypnotist Truth #14 - Find A Way To Love Every Single Client That You Work With

by Cascade Hypnosis on

Content from “Can You Be A Hypnotist?” by Erika Flint

Find a way to love every single client that you work with.

Remember - Our clients don’t come to us because they feel well. They come to us seeking respite, comfort, and relief from their struggles. 


They’ve tried everything and it hasn’t worked. Our clients come to us with behaviors they want to be rid of. With fears holding them back, and these fears and behaviors will be part of working with them.

This is why it is so important to learn to love when it is hard. Every day, our job is to learn to love greater than the day before. Find a way to love every single client, then get them the results they came in for.


This format works well all on its own, but it’s super-charged while in a state of hypnosis. This format is an adapted version of what my publisher, Angela Laurie, teaches when writing a book to an ideal reader, and here it is modified for hypnosis and our ideal clients.

1. Write down your ideal client’s problems, in their words.

I’m tired of feeling so heavy. 

My eating is out of control.

I want to stop smoking so I can spend more time with my grandkids. If I don’t stop drinking, I’m going to lose everything.

2. Write down their dream come true, in their words.

I fit into my favorite jeans and am hiking with my son and granddaughter.

I’m traveling more because I can easily fit into every seat!

I haven’t smoked in a year, and instead, have watched my grandson Bobby become a great soccer player!

I haven’t had a drink in 6 months, and I’m happy to be creating music again!

3. What does your ideal client look like?

While in hypnosis, imagine what your client looks like, including the expression on their face. What are they wearing? What are they doing? What are they saying? What are they feeling? What does she hear in her head?

Mary is forty-nine years old, and she looks exhausted. She’s wearing baggy clothing with a scarf. She’s at the grocery store, desperately trying to avoid buying her favorite chips and cookies, feeling out of control, and inadequate. She says to herself, tomorrow is going to be better.

4. What are they searching online for?

What does your ideal client search for online to solve their problem before finding you? What else have they tried?

Mary searches for “alternative weight loss,” “sugar addiction,” and maybe even “hypnosis for weight loss.”

5. Write up a short synopsis of your ideal client

This is a loving piece of work you are doing for your client. You are connecting to your client in a state of hypnosis to understand their pain points and their dream come true. Genuinely caring about how to reach them and help them solve their problem with hypnosis.

You are getting into an energetic state where you are sending out a beacon of hope to your ideal clients, with love in your heart saying “I can help you” to the universe. Your ideal clients will be pulled into your business like a magnet – they will be drawn to work with you. And it’s all because you took the time and energy to truly understand their issue, then did everything you could to help them know that you also had a solution to their problem. You made the issue personal to them. And they felt heard and understood. They believe that you can help them.

You can run your entire business by serving one ideal client. However, I recommend having a minimum of 3 to begin working with. It’s common to have your ideal client find you. So your initial ideas about who you want to work with will shift over time.

6. Update Regularly

As you continue working with your ideal clients, update your ideal client worksheet. The better you get at knowing your ideal client, the easier it will be for you to help them and get them massive results. This should be a document and exercise you return to regularly, at least once a month.

Download your Ideal Client Worksheet online at