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Securing the Bag Podcast - With Erika Flint

by Cascade Hypnosis on

A very laidback, conversational style interview full of amazing content about hypnosis.

Summary and timestamps of topics covered:

Episode begins at 10:55

17:45 - Erika introduced

20:20 - What hypnosis is, what it isn't, and how did Erika become a master hypnotist?

23:00 - Is hypnosis like meditation?

25:50 - So you're helping to reprogram the subconscious?

31:00 - Tell us about your path to mastery

35:00 - Is there a deep level of hypnosis where you actually "sleep?"

36:45 - Hypnosis in the medical world and as anesthesia

42:00 - How does hypnosis reprogram your subconscious so quickly, when many of the things your subconscious has learned has been engrained over years or decades of repetition?

47:45 - Does hypnosis take longer based on how traumatic someone's experience may have been?

52:00 - Is Neurolinguistics programming (NLP) complimentary to hypnosis?

53:30 - Are there other things you recommend clients do along with hypnosis?

54:00 - So how did you get to having your own hypnosis school?

56:40 - How do you speak to people about spirituality when they're not a spiritual person themselves?

58:20 - It feels like mental health is becoming less taboo and more available; do you feel like hypnosis is being accepted more easily lately?

1:00:10 - What have you noticed within your business when COVID started?

1:01:10 - What kind of professionals are commonly interested in hypnosis training?

1:04:35 - What kind of innovation do you see happening in hypnosis?

1:08:00 - Controversial topic: With police reform being talked about a lot, do you see a place for hypnosis to help law enforcement process the traumatic experiences they go through?

1:11:10 - Are there scenarios that you have to say no to someone looking for hypnosis?

1:15:50 - How do people get ahold of you Erika?

1:21:00 - What's one entrepreneurial limiting belief that you had to overcome?

1:24:00 - Do you do self hypnosis, or meet with another hypnotist for yourself?

1:25:40 - Do you think meditation and flow state are kind of the same space?