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Top 3 Simple Ways to Organically Grow Your Hypnosis Practice

by Erika Flint, BCH, OB on

By Erika Flint, BCH, OB
Originally published in the Journal of Hypnotism


There are many ways to expand your hypnosis practice without paid advertising. Here are three simple, organic methods:

#1 Talk about what you do

As a professional hypnotist, building authority on your skills is key to growing your practice. One effective way to do so is by sharing how hypnosis has benefited you in your everyday life.

Share practical ways hypnosis has served you, such as how it helped you sleep better or pass an exam. Explain how you incorporate hypnosis into your life, like how it helped you stay calm during a crisis or improved your daughter's self-confidence.

Make hypnosis practical for your audience so they understand how they can use it in their own lives. Share client wins and testimonials, as well as "before and after" stories. For example, ask clients what they used to think about hypnosis versus what they think now after working with you.

Use social media to easily share what you do through live or recorded videos, text posts, or blog articles sent to your email list. Make the process enjoyable and easy for you, such as investing in a wireless microphone for your mobile device to make recording videos faster and of higher quality. What can you do to make sharing what you do easier?

@djdancinghypnotist This is a POWERFUL technique that has a lot of smaller lessons inside of it - first VALIDATE the truth (yes i was on my feet all day)! And i Love talking to my body parts and telling my feet thank you for helping me teach and be there all day for my students. This is a loving practice. Next use the magic word pretend ! Its so much easier for your consicious mind if we just "pretend" - it doesnt have to be perfect. And lastly, suggest to the mind to move the sensation (discomfort) to the side or away from your body. Imagine as it stays there, your feet feel lighter and more comfortable, and if youd like- you can easily drift to sleep. You have the power to do this. Play with it and modify. Practice and delight snd surprise yourself . You are ALWAYS more powerful than you can realize because the conscious mind is limited. Rememer that #learnhypnosis #selfempowerment #hypnotherapy #sorefeet ♬ original sound - Erika Flint Dancing Hypnotist

#2 Make it easy for people to know how to work with you

Offer potential clients clear and straightforward instructions on how to work with you. If someone has to figure out what they need to do to work with you, you risk losing their business.

Include a call-to-action in your email signature, indicating the *first step* you want potential new clients to take. For example:

“We offer complimentary hypnosis consultations daily, click here to schedule yours now.”

This link leads to your online calendar that clients can access at any time. Offering an online calendar that clients can use to self-schedule is an excellent way to add automation to your practice and leverage technology. Clients can self-schedule appointments when you’re busy with other clients or outside business hours.

If you regularly teach free classes, you could add something like this: “We teach hypnosis live every Thursday at 11:30 am Pacific, click here to register.

Include a call-to-action in 1/3 of your social media posts and other marketing materials with the same message.

Remember, the easier it is for people to understand *how* to work with you, the more likely they are to become your clients, whether they see you online or in person.

#3 Give away your best material

One of the most powerful ways to grow your practice is to give away some of your best material for free. This can include tips, techniques, and recordings.

Take note of any additional techniques you teach your clients. Once you've repeated the same thing to clients more than once, consider creating a video or writing a blog post on that topic. Once you've created that material - give it away.

Share your new creation everywhere. Talk about how practical it is, how easy it is to get relief, and how your clients are getting relief. Those who find it will get relief and may want to work with you further.

Include a disclaimer in your material indicating that they will likely get results, and for even better results, encourage them to work with you privately.

For instance, we've been giving away our most popular hypnosis recording, called "Learning to Relax," for free for years. And we also give away “The Two-Breath Hypnosis Technique”, and “The Unwind Technique” as well which are both to promote comfort and relaxation.

All three of these - talking about what you do, making sure people know how to work with you, and giving away your best material - cost you nothing and provide a great service to the world.

How are you talking about what you do? And what material of yours do your clients love? Let me know! I'm at and I love responding to all questions and comments.