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Hypnosis Training Video #473: Quickly Find & Fix False Expectations for Hypnosis Success
Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI

Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI

Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DNGH, OB, MCPHI

Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DNGH, OB, MCPHI

Manage False Expectations in the Hypnosis Office to improve client success

Most clients will come to hypnosis with false expectations, and managing false expectations is critical to success with our clients.

False expectations are born out of the media's portrayal of hypnosis, stage hypnosis shows that give our clients ideas about hypnosis that aren't necessarily true, past experience with hypnosis, and other peoples experience with hypnosis. 


Here is the important list of false expectations with clients: 

  1. Client's previous experience with hypnosis : if your client has seen another hypnotist your approach may be different.
  2. Client's friends have had hypnosis before : your client may expect their session will be exactly like a friends.
  3. Movies, TV, and Stage Hypnosis : your client may have false expectations from movies, television, and stage hypnosis shows.
  4. Client's state or feeling that day : your client may believe they're too tired, too emotional, or not emotional enough to work with you.
  5. Client may be expecting failure : your client may be coming to you expecting failure - watch for this. 


What happens if you don't manage these false expectations?

Your client will not achieve the success they want - these false expectations are false beliefs that keep our clients from being as successful as possible, so they need to be addressed.

    These types of false expectations can come up at any time in the process -  before the hypnosis session, during the hypnosis session, and even before you begin working with your client, so watch the video to learn how to fix these false expectations. 

    Hypnosis Training Video #471: Amazing Ways to Emerge Clients for MUCH Greater Success

    Erika and Cal reveal some very powerful emerging techniques in this  hypnotherapy training video! 

    This hypnosis training video about how you can take advantage of one of the most powerful parts of the hypnosis session - the moment you tell your client that you’re about to emerge them

    Why is the hypnosis emerging process so powerful? 

    Many hypnotists overlook the power in this part of the hypnosis session. When we tell our clients we're about to emerge them - they think 'oh ok the session is almost over' and they become even MORE suggestible. 

    Now is the time where you can put in some very powerful suggestion to help your clients. 

    Simply counting and asking our clients to emerge is often a mistake, because there are better ways.


    How to emerge clients for greater success: 

    1. Reinforce any insight gained in the session. 
    2. Use the hypnotic convincer of the color RED
    3. Remind clients that their next session will be even more powerful
    4. Suggest that your clients prepare to open eyes feeling great
    5. Ask them to open their eyes feeling great

    Basic Hypnosis Emerging Patter*

    "In a moment, I'm going to count from one to five and when I get to five and not before, I'd like you to open your eyes and emerge from hypnosis feeling great. 
    One - you are slowly beginning to emerge from hypnosis, and now you know that you are a good person, and it's easy for you to confidently enjoy speaking in front of people about what you do. 
    Two - for the next few days or longer if you'd like the color red, red, red will stand out to you more than ever before. It appears more vibrant, and colorful than ever, and every time you see the color red it reminds you of every good and positive suggestion you learned here today. 
    Three - it's the nature of human beings do to better with practice, and the next time we do hypnosis together the session will be even more effective, and even more powerful. 
    Four - preparing to open your eyes feeling great, and 
    Five - opening your eyes, emerging from hypnosis feeling confident, and happy. 
    And you do feel good don't you? "

    After the Client is Emerged - They're Still in Hypnosis!

    Surprising to many new hypnotists, our clients are still in hypnosis even after we utter the word emerge! 

    After your client opens their eyes, continue to reinforce the change, here's how : 

    1. Again, point out any insight gained in the session. This convinces the conscious mind of the change! 

    2. Point out any convincers used in the session - for example, time distortion, eye-lock, or arm-lock (WHAT are these? Watch the video to learn about hypnotic convincers! ) 

    3. Remind your client how well they did in the session - remember most of our clients have never  done hypnosis before, and they have no idea what to expect or know if they're "doing it right', so we constantly want to encourage and uplift them. Doing so reduces a sense of fear, and they will have a better session!

    Watch the free hypnosis training video below to learn more about how to emerge clients for much greater success! 


    *what is patter? Patter refers to the words in a hypnosis script. Many hypnotists have what are called "patter" books. It's not a mis-spelling! 

    Hypnosis Training Video #446: Rapport Is the First Key to Success - Get It Quickly!

    Rapport is a word often used when describing how to work with clients- but what does it really mean and why does it matter? 

    Rapport makes your client feel safe, comfortable, and good sharing with you. Having good rapport allows you to focus on the needs of your client, which allows you to do great work with your clients every single time. 

    Here's the secret to rapport: love your clients and always have a single outcome in mind for them every time you work with them - whatever is in their best interest. To the greatest degree you can, when you work with your clients YOU - the hypnotist keep your clients "dream come true" in your mind's eye when you work with them. You hold the space, and keep that wish in your heart for your clients, until they can do it on their own. 

    Some hypnotists find the word and concept elusive, but it's pretty easy to get great results with clients by keeping a few things in mind. 

    Watch the Free Hypnosis Training video below to increase your rapport with clients.