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Hypnosis Training Video #472: Top 7 Tragic Mistakes New Hypnotists Make (and How to Avoid Them)
Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI

Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI

Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DNGH, OB, MCPHI

Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DNGH, OB, MCPHI


This top 7 list of tragic mistakes new hypnotists make can easily be avoided when you know what to watch out for. 


  1. Confusing depth testing with convincers can destroy client confidence.
  2. Using the wrong tone of voice sends the wrong message to clients. Instead, model the behavior you want to see in your clients with non-verbal and verbal communication.
  3. Believing hypnosis requires relaxation is simply incorrect and can interrupt your progress with clients.

4. Trying to determine causality without hypnosis – this is a waste of time for you and your client. This is very likely what your client has already done on their own before coming to see you!

5. Believing your client’s beliefs about how it started, this takes you in the wrong direction because your clients beliefs are often based on the  conscious mind's understanding of the issue. 

6. Making assumptions about your client can lead to horrible mistakes. In as much as you can, clear your mind entirely of any assumptions about your client and allow the hypnosis to reveal the issue

7. Not knowing how to properly prepare clients often leads to failure. 

By avoiding these 7 mistakes in the hypnosis office, your clients will get relief sooner, and your clients will refer you to their friends and family. 

What other mistakes have you run across? Let me know

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Hypnosis Training Video #448: How To Work Like A Pro Right Now Even On Very First Client!

Many hypnotists believe what they need before seeing clients is more training - yet what they likely need instead is the right training.

What is the right training? Training that pushes you - that tests you, practicing with a partner over and over, so you can do the techniques without thinking about them, then use a systematic approach with hypnosis including insight based therapy instead of just more hypnosis scripts.

Your clients need a responsive and dynamic approach - and the best way to be dynamic and responsive is to have a systematic approach that is also flexible - where you can learn and train for the best techniques, but also know that you can modify your approach on the fly to be client-centric. 

Click to watch the video below where Erika Flint and Cal Banyan share how to work like a pro from the very first client with training, drilling, and a systematic approach to hypnosis.

At our training center we want our hypnosis graduates to go from "Classroom to Client" - and this means that from the day they graduate from our course, they can see their first client and help them. 

New-HypnotistErika Flint
Hypnosis Training Video #429: Focusing on Hypnosis Fundamentals That Work

Forget the "shiny object" syndrome!

Many hypnotists get stuck in the "shiny object syndrome" - chasing the next best hypnosis technique or process.

The reality is it's better to focus on the fundamentals of great hypnosis work - you don't need extra techniques!

The best thing is to have a very solid foundation of great hypnosis work. 

Watch the video below on the fundamentals of great hypnosis work to get started. 

New-HypnotistErika Flinthome