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Professional Hypnotist Truth #24 - Look For The Light In Your Clients - When You Find It, Help Them Associate To That Light And Then Remove Everything Else That Is Not The Light

by Cascade Hypnosis on

Content from “Can You Be A Hypnotist?” by Erika Flint

Look for the light in your clients. When you find it, help them associate to that light. Then remove everything else that is not the light.


Your job is to find the Light in our clients. In many it was been lost, covered up, or buried. 

The light is their life force, the creative purpose, the reason for existence. Finding that, and re-igniting it will solve all of your clients perceived issues. 

Then help them discard everything else. 

After helping thousands of clients with hypnosis, and over a hundred compassionate humans become hypnotists, I believe it all comes down to a few things.

Whenever you don’t know what to do, or feel anxious or stressed or are thinking or feeling anything you don’t want to feel:

  • Breathe. It is our connection to life. Breathe in life-giving oxygen. In between one breath, and the exhalation of another exists infinite possibility. Notice the feeling of your breath rising, your body lifting, and allow yourself to become captivated by the pause at the top of your breath. Relax your neck, and jaw. Be present. In that moment you are filled with expansive energy. Surrender yourself and allow the greatness of who you are – whether that be Source, Spirit, God, or Love, fill you completely.

  • Be Grateful. I once heard that gratitude is the closest feeling  to God. I’ve often wondered about that. Why gratitude? Why not love? Because God IS love, and the next closest thing, is gratitude. It’s an action: purposefully thinking of things to be grateful for. The act of being grateful fills you with the feeling of BEING LOVE. For in that moment while you are thankful you are in a receptive mode of expansiveness and possibility.

Our greatest goal as hypnotists, is to remind our clients of who they really are, of their own divinity. That they have everything they need inside of them already.

Our goal is to find the light in them. Find the spark, the life- force-energy, that creative essence that makes them feel alive. Then help them discard everything that is not that.

Hypnosis is a return to your true self. It’s not a becoming, it’s a remembering.

Resistance, fear, and past experience – and the lower functioning elements of the human mind, are holding us back from being our best self. Hypnosis can be used to remove all resistance, eliminate unnecessary and erroneous fear, and reframe past failures as learning opportunities. It is the life essence in our clients that we want to harness, that we want to remind them of.