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The B.A.R.E. Essentials of a Hypnosis Business

by Erika Flint, BCH, OB on

Originally published in the Journal of Hypnotism


Incorporate this fun technique into your weekly routine to ensure your business is running smooth. Think of it as an effective and expansive checklist for your business that includes hypnosis.

I like to do this at the beginning of my week - which is Monday morning, and it takes about an hour. However you can do it anytime. The key is to find a way to make it fun and easy for you to complete in a short amount of time.

Notice there’s a lack of doing things - no writing emails, recording videos, or creating social content. It’s all about noticing how your business is doing, acknowledging who and how it is serving, and doing your inner work. This includes the future progression to bring in clients in by attracting them to us - with gratitude.

The checklist is written as an acronym: B.A.R.E. I like to think of it as a very loving and honest look at our business, and then doing hypnosis to continue bringing in more of what is working.

If you like to write or draw, get out materials to do so as you go through the list. Write down only the curious and delightful elements for your subconscious mind to expand on during hypnosis.Workplace with tablet pc showing calendar and a cup of coffee on a wooden work table close-up

B - Business plan
Am I hitting my numbers?

What are your business numbers?

At the very least, you’ll want to know how many clients per month you would like to work with.

Do you know what monthly income you desire to bring in? If not, start there. From that, extrapolate how many clients that represents. Now you have how many clients per month you’d like to work with.

If you’re already thinking “yuck” we’re talking about business and numbers - you're right. Know that really - this represents how many hearts and minds you are helping to bring realization, truth, and peace to. Knowing your numbers helps your business grow and serve more.

Having this number, clients per month, will help you focus on revenue generating tasks. It is also good for forecasting. Forecasting will help you to notice trends in your business over time.

If you’re not hitting your numbers, you can take appropriate steps. If everything is on track, you feel great, and pay attention to what’s working, which is the next step.

This task is also numbers and checklist oriented, so it’s enjoyable for folks who love spreadsheets. If you’re one of the many who don’t , feel free to drop me a line for a basic hypnosis business spreadsheet you can use to get started.

A - Awareness strategy
How are the consultations going, how are people finding us?

Your awareness strategy is how people become aware of your business. It can be referrals, ads, social media like YouTube and TikTok, blog posts, etc. Take a basic overview of your engagement over the week.

Engagement is a measure of how people are responding to the content you are creating. When we notice what our potential clients and customers are responding - or not responding to - we are loving our clients by carefully listening to what they are asking for.

The question here is, how well are you listening? What are people asking for, how can you serve even more effectively, with more joy?


R - Reflect
What are my clients teaching me, and what am I grateful for?

In this step we notice what our clients are reflecting back to us. What they have learned, what we have learned by working with them. What we are grateful for, in the exchange of trust and energy in the process of hypnosis.

This step is about listening to our clients and when they report their wins, their successes, and their moments of glory. We take time to be thankful to be a part of all it. You can write this down as you reflect on it, or just bring it to mind.

As we are more aware of the things that truly are serving our communities, we bring more life to it by focusing our energy on it as well.

This helps to grow our practice by attraction.

Here we ask ourselves, what's working, where is there softening taking place, what is bringing in more light, more life?


E - Experience Hypnosis with the above
Attract new clients with an open heart, trust, and gratitude.Erika Rock On Deck

Now, using your favorite hypnotic techniques, enter into a comfortable state of hypnosis. Bring to mind everything about each step you can be grateful for.

B - business - all the new clients you brought in, and how honored you are to work with them. Why each came to you and the trust they showed. Bringing up all good feelings of honor and gratitude.

A - awareness - every awareness strategy that is working you can be grateful for. Whether it’s a referral, you can be grateful for the client who did the referring. Or perhaps it was YouTube, and you know it came from a specific video. You can be grateful for the time it took you to prepare that piece of art to be found by your client. Be thankful for all the comments - even the ones you don’t like! They are reflections worth noticing with love and grace.

R - reflect - what specifically did your clients teach you? What did you notice? Who helped? Bring in all the loving support you received from others, including source, spirit, if you have those beliefs. You are happy to be a part of all it.

E - experience - experiencing hypnosis! Which is what you’d presently be doing. Which itself, is a lot to be grateful for.

Finish with some age progression, or future progression imagining that all the clients that can be served by you are hearing your call. A call of relief, of respite, of tranquility, and they’ll be on their way to you soon. Now make sure it's easy for them to find you!

I hope you enjoy this technique, and love to hear what modifications you make to it!