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The Power of Taking Half: A Personal Success Story With Reprogram Your Weight

by Erika Flint, BCH, OB on
@djdancinghypnotist Reprogram Your Weight Win on guideline number two. - Take half you can Always go back for more. This technique works by removing any fear from the equation of portion size and tends to be easy for folks to do. Note this is not take half forever! Its until your portion size is...just right! And clients also love doing this after vacation or a party to get right on track again. #hypnosisforweightloss #reprogramyourweight #radicalselflove ♬ original sound - Erika Flint Dancing Hypnotist

Hey there,

I've got some exciting news to share, a real success story that has emerged from the heart of our training program. This isn't a client, but rather, one of our grads who ventured through our training and shared that she had had great results after reading "Reprogram Your Weight" (available wherever you get your books, including Kindle and Audible  and our group and individual programs online.  You can request a free, digital copy of Reprogram Your Weight here

So, picture this: a journey where success is measured not in pounds lost but in a newfound relationship with food. Our grad embarked on this solo expedition, and I couldn't be more thrilled to share her triumph.

I had to ask, "What part of the book really stood out to you and contributed to your success?" Her answer was simple: taking half. It's the second guideline in "Reprogram Your Weight," following the first guideline of only eating when genuine hunger strikes. Taking half is more than a portion control tactic; it's a transformative practice for the conscious mind.

Here's the gist of it: load up your plate with half of what you normally would and then, here's the kicker, leave the room. The logic behind this approach is deceptively simple. By instructing the conscious mind to take only half, we are initiating a subtle conversation with our body's habitual craving for a certain quantity of food.

Taking half isn't about deprivation; it's an act of self-love. As the plate empties, a gentle question arises: "Am I still hungry?" If you are still hungry then absolutely go back for more. But more often than not, the answer is a surprising no. It's a conscious acknowledgment that transcends the fear-based responses we've been conditioned to expect.

The beauty lies in the intentionality behind the act—intentionally avoiding stress, fear, or guilt that can accompany a shift in eating habits. It's a linguistic dance with your conscious mind: "I'll take half for now; I can always come back for more." And the remarkable part is, you truly can come back for more if hunger persists.

Our grad's experience mirrors that of many of my weight loss clients. The simple act of taking half has become the cornerstone of a weight reprogramming journey. She effortlessly shed 9 lbs, and what's even more remarkable is that it felt easier than any other attempt before.

The key takeaway? It's not about stringent diets or stressful restrictions. It's about a mindful, intentional, and loving dialogue with your body. It's about reshaping your relationship with food without the baggage of anxiety and guilt.

So, a big shoutout to our grad for this fantastic achievement! And if you're curious to delve deeper into the secrets of "Reprogram Your Weight," visit our website for more information including monthly workshops or one-on-one hypnosis sessions

Here's to taking half, and finding a path to a healthier, happier you.